DPIIT-Full form, Registration, Notification 2023

Department for Promotion of Industry & International trade (DPIIT)


Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), a vital central government department operating under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India. It’s primary role involves formulating and executing strategic measures to promote the development of the industrial sector, aligning with national priorities and socio-economic objectives. While individual administrative ministries focus on specific industries’ production, distribution, development, and planning, Department for Promotion of Industry & International Trade (DPIIT) takes the lead in shaping the overall industrial policy. Additionally, it play a crucial role in facilitating and enhancing foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to our country.

The department was established on 27 January 2019, marked by the transformation of the erstwhile Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion into the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). This change reflects the expanded mandate, which now includes overseeing internal trade alongside industry promotion. 


Role & Responsibilities of DPIIT

  • Industrial Policies

    The government introduces and executes industrial policies in India. These policies involve the formulation and implementation of strategies crucial for the development of industries, aligning with national objectives and overall development. The department oversees the general industrial growth and monitors the performance of specific industries assigned to it, providing guidance on various industrial and technical matters.

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

    The department is responsible for crafting, promoting, and facilitating policies related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). It encourages collaboration at the enterprise level and establishes policy parameters for foreign technology.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Policies concerning Intellectual Property Rights are formulated by the department. These policies cover various fields, including industrial designs, patents, trademarks, and geographical indications of goods. The department administers the rules and regulations established under the Administration of Industries Act of 1951.

  • Promoting Industrial Development

    The department actively promotes industrial development in industrially backward areas and the North Eastern Region. This includes fostering international cooperation for industrial partnerships and emphasizing the promotion of productivity, quality, and technical cooperation.

DPIIT- Schemes & Programmes

Transport Subsidy Scheme (1971) – Introduced to foster industrialization in remote, hilly, and inaccessible areas. This scheme was discontinued in 2016.

North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP), 2007 – Enacted to stimulate industrial development in the North East region. The North East Industrial Development Scheme, initiated on April 1, 2017, will continue until March 30, 2022.

Industrial Development Scheme 2017 – Recently amended to include the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh; this scheme is effective until March 31, 2021. The amendment also outlines the criteria for a ‘New Industrial Unit.’

To enhance infrastructure, the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project received approval in 2007. Similar initiatives have been undertaken for other industrial corridors.

The DPIIT actively engages in Geographical Indication (GI) promotion activities. As of August 2020, the department has notified 370 GI applications.

DPIIT Internship Scheme

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, through the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), has launched an internship program for students pursuing Undergraduate/Postgraduate degrees or enrolled as Research Scholars in recognized universities or institutions, whether in India or abroad. The primary goal of this internship initiative is to provide students with exposure to the working culture of the Government of India and enable them to grasp the various schemes administered by the DPIIT. The internship scheme is open throughout the year, allowing applicants to select a duration of their preference—ranging from one month to two or three months—based on their individual needs. All applications will be accepted through the online mode exclusively. 

DPIIT Recruitment

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